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Sisamara : The Wilderness Wonder of Dooars


Sisamara a pristine and offbeat destination of Dooars is located on the southern fringe of Jaldapara National Park. Free-flowing Sisamara River acts as a porous border between the jungle and Nutunpara village. The place a few years back was uncharted territory for wild animals. Rhinos, Gaurs use to cross the river and enter the village. But, now a mud embankment somewhat deters the entry of Rhinos and Gaurs into the village. For the people of Nutunpara it is an incessant struggle with the elephants especially during the harvesting of paddy and potato. room-sisamara Rooms


The place is still a virgin and has only two private lodges. The rooms are cosy and have a glass panel on three sides with a private balcony and common watchtower for two rooms. You can behold the lush green jungle of Jaldapara not from watchtower but from your bed itself. The bathroom has a western toilet with geyser.

Our Trip to Sisamara

It was a family trip. We drove from Jalpaiguri to Sisamara. Our first stopover was at Falakata. Puri Sabji of ‘Sweety’ tastes awesomely delicious. From Falakata we took the road towards ‘Boro Salkumar’. From Falakata it’s about a half an hour drive.

It was the month of March but it rained last night and the atmosphere was foggy and misty. By the time we reached Sisamara it was drizzling. The silence and the pristine nature immediately cast a spell on us. We checked-in and had early lunch and impatiently waited for the rains to stop. I was relaxing at on a ‘Rocking Chair’ in the balcony overlooking the jungle. Sound of the rains on a tin roof, the Sisamara River and the jungle on the other side of the river made the day for me. What more can you ask for?.

Finally, the rains stopped. We took a gentle stroll along the embankment. I saw at the far end of the river, a couple of duck were wading. I took out my binoculars. It was a Ruddy-Shelduck pair – a winter migrant from Central Asia and Ladakh. Peacocks were perched on treetops.

After a while, we returned to our resort. It was 3 pm in the evening and the weather was foggy and misty with dark clouds hovering over us. The silence of the place was amazing but at times broken by the cacophony of the peacocks. The setting was eerie and ethereal.

As the night falls, the only thing you can do is to imbibe the silence of the place. Next morning we checked-out. Pradeep Da and the staff were extremely good and the warmth of their behaviour touched our hearts.

Things to Do

  • The place is an ideal holiday destination to a couple of days amidst nature. You can go for a river trail along the Sisamara River. It is more than likely in the evening you will find animals congregate at the river to quench their thirst.
  • Jeep Safari at Jaldapara National Park.
  • Day visit to South Khayerbari and Totopara.
  • Enjoy Campfire with Barbecue.

How to Reach Sisamara

The nearest railhead is Falakata. Sisamara is about 29 km from Falakata. From Falakata take the road towards ‘Boro Salkumar’. Your first landmark will be Salkumar High School(on your left), once you cross Salkumar High School you will find Central Bank of India Branch on your right. After crossing Central Bank of India Branch, take the first right turn. After a while, you will have to take a left turn and follow a kacha road, travelling for half a kilometre along the kacha road will take you to Sisamara.

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