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Canine Squad for Forests of Dooars


The canine squad will be employed by the Bengal Government’s Forest Department to sniff out poachers for every forest of North Bengal. To stop poachers from entering the forest, the Forest Department had thought of increasing the communication between forest village and the Forest Department. If these two things can be done at the same time by the forest department then poacher’s entry inside the forest of North Bengal can be stopped as believed by the forest department. After the success of canine squad of Jaldapara & Buxa, it is decided by the Forest Department to establish the same for all forests. As per Mr. Binaykrishna Barman – Forest Minister. Forests of Dooars are the target of poachers. They give bribe to villagers living adjacent to forests to enter inside the forest area in search of Elephant teeth, the horn of Rhino & various other products found inside the forest. Some years before the canine squad was established for Jaldapara & Buxa Tiger Reserve by Forest Department. Every day along with forest guards these dog squads are used for patrolling inside forests. They can sniff out tiger and leopard skins, elephant tusks, and deer antlers and skins. These measures are likely to reduce entry of poachers into forests of Dooars.

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