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Elephant calf hit by car near Naxalbari


08th Nov 2019- An elephant calf was hit by a car near Naxalbari Block, 20 km away from Siliguri. The incident occurred when three elephants were crossing the highway. After the incident, the mother of the calf ransacked the vehicle. Two persons in the vehicle immediately alighted apprehending that it may be dangerous to be in the car.

The mother and the calf both were hit. The mother is moving freely. The calf was injured and it seems the left leg of the calf was fractured.

The calf was traced, isolated and tranquilized by the forest department. After treatment, the calf is doing well.

A herd of 80 elephants is roming in the area and the injured calf was part of it. The elephant herd was moving towards the Deomani River at the Kiranchandra tea plantation.

Over the years elephants have been using the route through tea plantations as their corridor.

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