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Woozy Elephant strolls on Dooars highway


A tusker, high on ‘ hadiya’ – a country liquor made from the fermentation of rice, roomed and strolled into the villages near Dalgaon Tea Estates under Alipurduar district on 16th of August 2019.

The tusker came out of the Dalgaon forest, entered the Labour Quarters of the Dalgaon Tea Garden, and devour the liquor stored in a pot.

Later, it directly hit the Falakata-Birpara NH and strolled leisurely like a ‘Fuddler’.

Dalgaon forest staff reached the spot and adviced the people not to disturb the animal. All efforts made by the forest staff to send back the animal to the forest were futile and it prefered to stay adjacent to the NH. Once darkness falls, it is likely the tusker will return to its abode.

No one was injured in the incident, while the tusker did not cause any major damage to the property.

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