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Missing Leopard Returns After 4 Days to Bengal Safari


After four days leopard Sachin returns to its enclosure at Bengal Safari, Siliguri.

Immediately after the leopard went missing, the park authorities conducted vigorous search for Sachin. Help of extra forest personals, captive elephants even drones were enlisted in search of Sachin. Two captive elephants were transported to Bengal Safari from Jaldapara National Park to expedite search efforts. Two camera traps were also set-up. However, no traces of Sachin could be found.

Atlast the park officials decided to keep the main gate of the leopard enclosure open after transporting the other three leopards to night shelter, hoping Sachin would return in search of food and this worked. Sachin returned to the enclosure on Friday.

“The leopard is limping a bit and cut mark has been found near the eye. He is otherwise doing well, eating normally,” said VK Yadav, chief of State Zoo Authority. The authorities are monitoring his condition, he added.

News of the leopard Sachin returning to its enclosure has brought sigh of relief for the people of Siliguri.

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