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New Wings for the Vultures of Rajabhatkhawa


In the 1990s, 99% of the Indian subcontinent’s vultures were wiped out by the use of the veterinary drug, diclofenac, given to cattle but lethal to vultures feeding on their carcasses. To save the species from extinction vulture breeding centre was set-up a Rajabhatkhawa under the aegis of Bombay Natural History Society. White-backed, Long-billed and slender-billed vultures were born in captivity at the vulture breeding centre in Rajabhatkhawa under Buxa Tiger Reserve. First, such a centre was developed at Pinjar in Haryana. In the year 2016, after getting approval from Central Forest Department some vultures were released by Haryana State Forest Department. Following this model, Forest Department under Government of West Bengal is about to release vultures born in captivity from Rajabhatkhawa. On 19th January Forest Department of West Bengal, Drug Control Board and top-level officials of neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh’s will meet at Dooars. This meeting has been called to spread awareness among all stakeholders. All vultures to be released will have satellite tag on its body.

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