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Rhinos for Patlakhawa Forest


In the year 2021 it was expected for Patlakhawa Forest to get ready for Rhino habitation,however, forest workers has made Patlakhawa suitable for Rhinos well before time. Favorite fodder Rhinos for instance – Chepti, Purundi, Nol and Grass has been planted. Out of total forest area of 1600 hectares, 60 hectares has been brought under plantation.

Forest Minister Mr. Binayakkrishna Barman has informed that already members from Zoo Authority of India visited Patlakhawa Forest and had approved the project. In March 2019, Rhinos(one male and one female) will be brought from Jaldapara National Park and released at Patlakhawa.

According to Range Officer two watchtowers has already been made and two more will be constructed. Additional 10 hectares of forest land will be planted with grass and total area under grassland coverage will be more than enough for two rhinos.

If the project is successful then it is expected Jaldapara National Park will be under less pressure during peak tourist season.

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