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Wounded Rock Python & Leopard Rescued


Wounded Rock Python and Leopard are under the surveillance of the medical team at Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre. Both the animals have recovered after treatment. Within a few days, the animals will be released at Gorumara National Park of Dooars.

On 4th April 2019, a Rock Python, 15 feet long and weighing about 50 kgs was rescued from Jhalong under Jaldhaka P S. The rock python was struck in between the rocks at Jaldhaka river.

The python was attacked by a street dog, but it devoured the dog. The python was rescued by Khunia Squad of West Bengal Forest Department and was taken to Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre.

On the other side, on 12th April 2019, a Leopard was rescued from Mogolkata Tea Estate under Nagrakata P S. As the leopard was wounded on legs it was taken to Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre.

As per the vetenirary doctor, Ms Sweta Mondal, both the animals are recovering fast. But to recover fully it will take a few more days.

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