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Chisang : A Sleepy Village – Complete Tour Guide

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Chisang is a sleepy hamlet near Todey-Tangta of Kalimpong district. The place is just at a distance of 4 km from Indo-Bhutan border. One has a clear view of Tendu Valley of Bhutan and Nathula range. If you want to sit and relax in a hamlet, then Chisang will not disappoint you. The soul of Chisang lies in its unique cultural heritage and its people. The is only one homestay on a hillock and if you walk of 300 m up-hill you will reach the end of the road. Chisang is known of Organic Cardamon cultivation. Now let me tell you when should you come to Chisang. Do you love see clear moon lit skies? If the answer is ‘Yes’ come to Chisang on a full moon night. On a full moon night, the moon rises behind the Tendu Valley and floods the entire valley with its surreal hues. Oh! I am running out of words. Sometimes its better to live the experience. I invite all nature hungry souls to visit Chisang for once.

Road to Chisang

In the second week of November I started for Chisang from Jalpaiguri. The weather was good and from Teesta Bridge, Mt Kanchenjunga was clearly visible on my left. A lovely start for the day. I stopped at ‘Ma Mistanya Bhandar’ of Lataguri. Finished my breakfast with puri and ‘Fulkopier Torkari’. In winter puri with ‘Fulkopier Torkari’ tastes awesomely delicious. When ever I pass through Lataguri Forest, I always have a stopover at Mahakal Mandir. We took the road through Murti and Khunia More, towards Jhalong. From Jhalong, there are two roads to reach Chisang – a) One through Paren b) The other road that goes towards Bindu. The condition of the road through Paren is not that great and you need to climb up-hill. So, if you are having a small cab it is advisable to take the road that goes to Bindu. At the time of return you can take the road through Paren. As you will be descending it should not be a problem. It takes about 1 hr from Jhalong to Chisang. The stress is dotted with scenic beauty and you will see multiple mountain streams. But, the road at certain areas is horrible and it may take a test of your driving skills. Finally, we reached Chisang around 12:30 pm. It was a sunny day. The view is stunning. The host welcomed us with a cup of tea. Enjoyed the sip overlooking the vast stretch of Tendu Valley of Bhutan. We went for a stroll in the village and spend about an hour at Chisang and at 1:30 pm, we started our descend.

Homestay at Chisang

There is only one homestay at Chisang. Tourism has not yet flourished in Chisang. Guests can enjoy organic food harvested from the organic garden of the homestay. The homestay has triple bed and double bed rooms and one cottage. Guests can also enjoy BBQ with campfire. From the homestay you have amazing view of Tendu valley and Nathula Range. Tariff per head per day(including all meals and snacks) – Rs 1500

Things to Do

  • Day visit to – Dawai Khola, Tangta Monastery, Todey Bazar, Tangta River, Bindu, Dalgaon, Jhalong, Paren.
  • BBQ with Campfire
  • Nature walk, River walk, pay a visit to the cardamon plantations.
  • Birding
  • Picnic on the banks of Dawai Khola.

How to Reach Chisang

Nearest station is New Mal. It takes about 2 hr to reach Chisang from New Mal. Cab fare from New Mal : 4-seater(Wagon-R) – Rs 3000/-, 7-seater(Innova) – Rs 4000/-

Best Time to Visit

Sept to April

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