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Trap Cameras at Neora Valley Captures Black Panther


12th Sept 2021– In continuation of old saga of presence of Royal Bengal Tiger at Neora Valley, now trap cameras has captured Black Panther at Neora Valley.

Presence of Black Panther at Neora Valley has created hype and enthusiasm amongst the environmentalists and tourists. The image of Black Panther was captured during day time.

There are known tourist spots like Lava, Kolakham, Rishyap and Lungsel adjoining Neora Valley National Park. News of Black Panther will surely add a new dimension to the tourism potential and footfall of tourists.

Neora Valley is known world wide for the presence of Red Panda. Neora Valley is largely unexplored due to rugged terrain and dense alpine forest. It has many untold stories and many unknown stories are likely to unfold in days to come.

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