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Himalayan Serow found at Jaldapara


Almost one year back wild dog was found in Kodolbasti range of Jaldapara Wild Life Division & now wild goat is found in Jaldapara forest. Early morning on Thrusday(07/02/2019) at Mendabari Rabha Basti adjacent to Jaldapara National Park – wild goat was seen by villagers as it was chased by dog & it entered the village.The workers from forest department were informed by villagers & they rescued the goat. As per forest department the goat belongs to Himalayan Serow breed. Basically they are residents on Himalayan Forests. It might have entered Buxa Tiger Reserve forest adjacent to Bhutan and from there it entered Jaldapara National Park. Forest officers are happy for it’s presence at Jaldapara forest. If Himalayan Serow stays at Jaldapara Forest permanently then food balance would be maintained in forest & leopards might not come out in villages in search of food as Serow would be easy target for leopards. On other side tourist going for safari would also be able to see Himalayan Serow creating attraction & interest among tourists.The wild goat found would be medically checked & if found fit, it would be released in deep forest.

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