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Buxa Fort Makeover Plan On The Way


15th August 2020 – Restoration of erstwhile glory of Buxa Fort is on the way. Directorate of Archeological Museum has allocated Rs 3.00 cr for the restoration work. The historic Buxa Fort — located within the Buxa Tiger Reserve and is located at an altitude of 867 meters. Buxa Fort can be called the Polestar of tourism in Dooars. 28th Mile to Buxa Fort and moving onwards to Lepchakha is famous hiking/ trekking route.

Restoration work of the fort is assigned to a specialised archaeological organisation from Kolkata. From last Friday they have started restoration work. The main problem of the fort and surroundings is the landslide. Long demand among the locals for the restoration of the fort is fulfilled at last. It is learnt that the fort will be restored to its earlier status 80-90 years ago. However, the archaeological and historical essence of the place will not be disturbed. The entire process to be completed in four phases.

To know more about Buxa Fort please visit the link – Buxa Fort Trek

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